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Term associated with writing the code that produces the (appealing) visual aspects of an application.

Generally encompasses websites, mobile sites / apps, and desktop apps.

Tools: Web🔗

HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the foundation of Frontend Dev.

HTML: Structure of a webpage

CSS: Styling of the page

Javascript: Functionality of the page

Frontend JS Tools🔗

Vue, React, Angular: Javascript libraries that make it significantly easier to manipulate elements of a webpage and seperate logic of different components / widgets into small files.

Frontend Python Tools🔗

Templating: Django and Flask use Template languages to render python variables / backend data dynamically (Flask's is called Jinja)

This is converted to HTML in the 'render' process. Usually Javascript is used to make the page more functional than having clickable links.

LEFT FIELD Brython is an adaptation of Python code for the Browser

Last update: June 7, 2023
Created: June 7, 2023